Tips for dating Latin Women
These days getting a date can be as easy as going to your computer and checking your email. LatinAmericanCupid provides photos and personal information of ladies interested in meeting men from America, Canada and Europe. Someone like you. When you find some that you are interested in you get their phone numbers and email addresses from the Latin dating agency and call or write them at your leisure. has a mail order bride for all tastes as there are scores of ladies signed up and no pick up lines are needed here!
Meet Mail Order Brides
Maybe you have been putting off meeting mail order brides for one reason or another or maybe you did not try to go online to find one or maybe you did but not in a proper way. There are big differences from dating service to dating service that is for sure. These Latino girls are available through your computer by the thousands but only the agencies that will give you personal service are the ones that you should rely on. Services that have ladies from several different countries should be looked at very carefully to see if they have real representation in all places, not just voice mail phones numbers. Call and ask if you can visit the agency when you get to the country even if you have no intention on doing it. See how much they will help you on the phone with questions about the service and the country the women are from. Do they answer your email questions promptly? That kind of service can help you decide on which one to choose. If you try one and you find it is no good do not think they all are like that because it is not true.
The real fact is that lots of women that are ready to make that jump to get married and become your bride from overseas. Through our Latina dating agency, they eagerly wait for men from overseas to call them. This has been the case for many many years in case you do not know that and are just getting into this scene. They are every bit ready willing and able to meet you as you are ready to meet them. Getting the two of you together is all that is required and the internet is the right tool to make that happen. On our website you can find a woman that will surprise you with their kindness and the respect (and desire) for a man being a man. We will help you find the woman of your dreams. It would be crazy not to take advantage of the fact you live in a time where meeting strangers you could never have met otherwise is so easy. Strangers sounds like a seedy word but it really isn't. Once you meet a lady from the websites online you will not be strangers very long. A good cyber dating agency will provide you with many choices and the best thing you can do is choose several ladies as this will increase your chances at meeting someone you really like without settling for just anyone. Contacting her will be simple because the service provides that information and on top of that the ladies are waiting by their phones!
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In addition to LatinAmericanCupid, we would like to introduce you to the Dominican Dating Connection which offers native Dominican women to meet. This Latin dating site run by suggests you start off by browsing the photos on the website of eligible women and pick the ones you are interested in meeting by placing them into your shopping cart. The contact information that the agency has for her is noted (phone and email) and you purchase that information. It is very simple and not expensive at all. You may wonder why these ladies would give out their personal phone numbers like that. People from the Dominican Republic for instance do not talk on the phone often like you are used to seeing. People have pre-paid cell phones and when you are poor or close to it, talking on the phone for a long time is something you do not do so ladies from these countries love getting calls and will treat you like a star. Things are different elsewhere! You can collect as many numbers as you please. Your little black book will never be the same! Finding your Latin bride will be easy.
The issue of language can actually play into a major plus. It is fun to be around someone so different and having to communicate in creative ways is a fun challenge that will result in many a funny story. For starters you can use a translator like BabelFish or Google Translate when emailing one another or you can get Spanish speaking friend to help when on the phone for the first call. Some girls will know some English and can understand you if you do not speak too fast. Be ready for the first conversation. Prepare yourself by learning a little about her country and ask her about the things she likes to do for fun. Highly recommended is learning some frequently used phrases in Spanish such as 'How was your day?', 'How is your family?', 'I will call you again Tuesday', 'Can you cook well?', 'What do you like to eat?' and so forth. You should have a small army of questions translated in front of you to help break the ice.
Men that are in their fifties and sixties do not need to worry about talking to or meeting a much younger woman. Latina women look at older men potential mates as it is a part of their culture. People will not look at you funny here if you are 55 and she is 25 and you hold hands walking down the street. The truth is most places (almost all!) in the world it is like this. They are looking for a guy that has a secure financial situation and if you are then a major hurdle is behind you.
First Date Safety Tips
Here is some advice for dating ladies for the first time and for ladies from a country you are not familiar with. Different cultures have different ways of doing things but being safe crosses all boundaries.

Where to meet
Pick a public place with plenty of people around. This just makes sense and will have her more relaxed and at ease. This is also better for you because you do not know who she is yet and if she is sincere. This also gives the two of you more things t talk about as talking about other people is a favorite topic of most of us.

Put The Word Out

Its a good idea to let a friend know about the date. If you cannot contact anyone at least leave a message on their answering service or send them and email. Be sure to tell them where you are going on the date and what time you expect to get back to your hotel or home. Send them a follow up email once you return from the date.

Watch Your Stuff
Cell phones, tablets, lap tops, jewelry or anything of value should be kept on your person at all times. Treat her like a stranger because that is what she is if this is the first time you have met. It is very important that you do not go to the bathroom for instance and leave your drink. There are different drugs that can render you unconscious after a certain period of time. If you do forget and leave your drink at the table and go for a pee then order a different drink when you return and say you did not like the original one. Try not to leave the table until you have finished eating once the food has arrived. If you do leave the table before finishing your food then point to something behind her and when she looks away throw your food off your plate under the table (just kidding). In this case you are on your own. It is highly unlikely she has tampered with your food but trust your instincts. If you were almost finished take it as a doggy bag. Then later on feed it to a stray dog and see what happens to him (kidding again). Seriously though we are just stressing caution.

                                                                 Notice Her Behavior
Any attempt by her to get too close right away might make you feel good and you should enjoy it but not let down your guard. Until you have met her family and have been to their house you should take it slow. Notice if she smiles and gives you good eye contact. She should not look away from the table often to see what else is going on around you. One word answers to your questions can mean she is not interested in you but she could just be shy or not talkative. You have to be the judge. Ask yourself 'Does this chick like me and want to be my lady or is she just going through the motions?" and trust your instincts. In the end if you see her again you will soon find out if she is sincere. The question is will you stop seeing her if you conclude she's not sincere or will you continue because she is pretty and you want sex. Who knows, maybe she will like you more after you two have sex. The possibilities are endless. Even though she may be poor, if she asks you for money on the first two dates or so then we say don't see her again. Try to explain to her the principal of giving her money so early ruins a relationship and makes you feel that is all she wants you for. If she does not understand this then stop wasting your time. This also means do not try to take her to bed after the first few dates. You will like it better if you get married one day and can say we did not have sex right away (at least I think you will!), after all this is your wife.

Don't Get (or arrive) Drunk
Being intoxicated can result in you making bad decisions and say stupid things. First impressions are very, very important to Latina women and you will not be able to make up for it. This one should be an obvious one.
Long Before Dating Websites, African American Men Met Latina Women The Old Fashion Way
African American men did not wait for websites and the internet before dating Latin women. These groups have been living near and dating each other for decades. There is always the novelty of dating someone from a different culture. The backlash from Black and Latin women is to be expected but it really is not that big a deal.
When a Black man from the United States meets a native Latin girl that has never been to the US its a different story. Americanized Latin women are just that, Americanized women. Many guys tell their friends with Latin brides to not bring them to the US and of all places, not New York City. Bringing a young, pretty Dorothy (Dorothia) to Oz can be like telling a child to not play with her presents at Christmas. An older man has been there and done that but the young doe has yet to experience everything the TV tells us to do to have a good time. LatinAmericanCupid is there for those who need a head start in meeting a true island girl from the Caribbean.

African American Man Sounds Off
Ray Little, an African American man from Ohio says he does not date African American women anymore since he started going to Sosua in the Dominican Republic. "The attitude of women back in the states compared to Dominican women is too much to take at times. American women think they deserve special treatment even though when have done nothing to deserve it. On top of that I cannot remember the last time one offered to help pay the bill at a restaurant. That includes ladies who make more money than I do and some who originated the idea of us going out on the town. At least here in the DR I am appreciated and the women are happy to go to a restaurant that will cost $12 for the both of us. I don't ever take out another Black woman, it will be OK. There are many more of them then there are men but they do not seem to care. They are happy to be alone I guess, at least some of them. They won't let me be a man and I want African American women out of my hair. Meeting Latin women through online dating sites works fine for me".