Latin Bride Stories

True Tales of Relationships Between Men and Foreign Women

These are actual summaries of events resulting from Dominican Republic women dating men from overseas that they met online or while visiting or living on the island. Some of the stories are longer than others depending on how much was known about the specific relationship. The search for a foreign bride can be very interesting as well as enjoyable!



From: Washington, DC Area
Age: 37
Marital history: Divorced
Work history: Law enforcement
How often in DR: 3-4 times/year
How found out about the DR: Friend

Kenny is from Silver Spring, Maryland and has been coming to the Dominican Republic town of Costambar for two years. He first came to the Dominican Republic with some friends on a golfing trip. They never played a round of golf the whole trip. Plans to play at the beautiful course in Playa Grande were forgotten about after the first night out on the town in Sosua at the Club Classico. The women were all over him and his buddies and they all thought they were in heaven. Two of the guys in the group told him to expect this but he was sure they were exaggerating. He woke up the next morning at 12 noon and nobody was talking about golf. They all had a great time but Kenny was the type that was looking for a down to earth girl and that club was not the place to find her.
Kenny keeps in contact with ladies he meets online mostly and has a head start on meeting his foreign bride when he arrives. He does the club thing sometimes but had met two ladies he likes and is juggling them until he can decide which he likes more. I ran into him and he said one day the he chose the one from Monte LLano and he got her an apartment that he stays at when he comes. He admits he sometimes comes to the DR a day or two before she thinks he arrives so he can be free for a bit to have some freedom. Their relationship seems to be doing OK but he has no plans on moving her to the states yet and he has many years before retirement. She has taken a small toll on his budget since he pays for her apartment but she works as an assistant nurse and does not ask for too much money like some of the other ladies Kenny has dated here over the years. Whatever he gives her is not wasted on material things so he has no problem helping a hard working lady and her son out. What she gives to him he never got from his wife or any other woman in the US and he appreciates a clean house, a good meal and great sex from his young, pretty lady. They are both happy as of the last time I saw him.


From: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 44
Marital history: Divorced twice
Work history: Administrative Assistant
How often in DR: Currently lives here
How found out about the DR: Friend

When Oscar first visited the Dominican Republic he had a great time. He met lots of people who were ex patriots and currently living here and felt at home. What was strange is that he did not visit again for a year and two months. I suspect his wife did not like the idea of him coming and that's all it takes.
Oscar is a story that is sad in some ways. He actually left his second wife and moved here partly because of his love for Hispanic women. Things in the marriage were a bit shaky although not rock bottom. He came here and saw a different world and wanted in. His life had become a routine and he saw no changes to that no time soon. He left a nice 4 bedroom house and his fancy car and moved into a studio apartment here and got a scooter to get around in till he got settled. He has good computer skills as an advanced programmer so the plan was to get a job where he could work online from here and make money like an American does. (Its almost impossible to make a decent salary here if you work for someone else)
I found out that he was burned out of doing the computer work that he made a living from and he decided to start a small business here to get some income. A computer programming job could always be had later if he needed to go back to a steady income. He wanted to try something new for now.
He met a lady named Katherine from Santo Domingo online and had been spending lots of time with her. He decided to open a call center business in Puerto Plata and she worked there for him. She was a nice girl although she seemed like she may have been on the streets hustling at some point in her life because she knew several people will that lived like that now. He did not mind as hustling down here is the way to survive and she was not doing any of that now. They spent enough time together where he basically knew where she was all the time. Plus there was no need for her to be on the streets because she was taken care of as far as living expenses.
Oscar was the kind of guy who went from one full time girl to the next. He was the kind of guy used to having someone doing home chores and having meals made at home. They were a good couple for over a year. Katherine was doing a good job at the call center and even started selling some clothes on the side there.
Oscar had a roving eye and the temptation here was too much for him. Katherine saw this and they started having other women share their bed a few times a week. Women do not do that here very often but it is not rare either. Dominicans are not raised treating sex as taboo for the most part, certainly not compared to Western standards. Oscar loved this as his sex appetite was quite strong. His sexual escapades were exaggerated for sure and we got sick of hearing them. Anyone who says they had sex for seven hours straight is a liar. A big liar. For some people 45 minutes can seem like seven hours. He probably did not have much sex back home and had to brag about it now.
His second year here he and Katherine had broken up and a new girl, Jessica, was working for him at his call center. He had opened another call center across town and her cousins worked that store. Hiring people you know has its pluses and minuses. He already had his lady working in one store and now her cousins worked the other one.
The first year with the new call center and Jessica's cousins went by with little fanfare as far as the business goes. Personally Oscar had a life changing experience. He had started to see another woman (Jessica did not go for the extra lady in their relationship like Katherine did) and Jessica found out. One day Oscar and the other woman, whose name was Angela, were at his apartment and Jessica must have known and slipped past security and started banging on his door. He ignored it until the banging was so loud that he had to open it as neighbors started gathering nearby and security was probably on its way by now. He opened it and Jessica came barging in. She chased him around the apartment and ended up scratching his face a few places. The police came and broke everything up. They all went down to the police station and what happened there is not clear to me. Jessica had a wild streak and Oscar realized it wan not going to be easy dealing with her or getting rid of her. The next day he was at her house trying to calm her down about the day before and tried to tell her he wanted to see other women. She would not accept this. What happened next would mark a chapter in anyone's life. She took out a knife and slit her wrist! Her 8 year old daughter was in the room with them at the time! I do not know how things went right then at the scene but she was taken to the hospital. I saw pictures of her wrist and this lady was not bluffing. The cut was ling and thick. It was right where the mail vein is and I have no idea how she did not puncture it. It was a nasty cut. This lady was so lucky that she did not spout a fountain of blood that instant she cut herself that it just was not meant to be.
The next day Oscar called me with a quivering voice. He asked me to go to the main call center and change the locks for him. I thought this was strange. Why would he ask me to do this? I went to where he was which was at the house of the other girl, Angela. There was a locked gate in front of the house and he did not come outside the gate but passed me the keys to the current locks through an opening. The keys shook in his hands. He talked lowly and different and looked sick. I began to realize that he did not want to change the locks or even come out of the gate where he was staring because he feared Jessica. I never thought that this could happen but if I went through what he did I might feel like him. This chica was loco!
After a week or so Jessica was back at the call center working and Oscar was back to screwing her. I believe and Oscar sort of admitted he was banging her and keeping things as they were because he was scared to reject her. He had since heard that she was seen chasing a former boyfriend a few years back down the street in her barrio with a machete. So after this crazy episode things went back to what they were as if nothing happened. Oscar does his dirt less often now and is more careful for sure.
Sometime later Oscar was doing the books for the business and he found that the cousins were stealing from him badly. He has a way of exaggerating so who knows what the truth really was. He had brought in linens and sheets to sell at the stores and things were coming up missing. A few months before the suicide attempt he had taken a computer job with a bank in the US, working online from here because he needed money and the business was doing OK but not making enough for the things he now wanted. He now suspected they may have been stealing for some time now and his working the computer job kept him busy and he had less time to monitor what was going on at the stores. He fired them for stealing. In the Dominican Republic when someone has worked somewhere for over three months they are allowed to get severance pay and you better believe they know it. Oscar refused to pay them because he says they were stealing. His problem was he had no solid proof. He could have done something to catch them in the act but had fired them without any evidence so he had to pay them their severance pay. Oscar had a superior complex and thought he was better than Dominican people. He would constantly call them stupid (even if their presence) and was the kind of person that could not conceive a Dominican taking him to court and beating him.
You might wonder what did this do to the relationship of his girl Jessica and her cousins. Jessica took sides with Oscar and she and her cousins do not speak anymore. She is angry at them for stealing and since she recommended them to him she feels they let her down. They of course deny stealing so there is the standoff and a reason for the cousins to be mad at Jessica since she took Oscar's side. The cousin's sued Oscar for what would come to about $550 in US dollars each which was a little more than the amount they were to get for severance pay for working that year. Oscar refused to pay it. The case eventually came to the point they were ready to start taking Oscar's property for collateral in case he tried to hide his assets. He got notices from the courts but still refused to budge. One day he was driving and he parked his car in town. When he returned to the car it was being readied for towing. He complained and got mad but the guys there were not taking any shit. Oscar called his lawyer who rushed to the scene but could not do anything. Later that day they went to his main call center and took some equipment away. He ended up losing about $8,000 to $10,000 in goods and he may still owe more money. He could have just paid the original $1,000 and been done with it. He should have realized he was not going to win and he had to learn the hard way.
Oscar has since moved out of Puerto Plata and some say its because he does not want to pay the rest of what he owes. I do not know if this is true. He may have left because he made too many enemies or is embarrassed to be defeated by people he calls stupid. I have not seen or talked to him but I am not sure what is going on with the call center (the second one closed down). I know Jessica still works there and I am wondering if the store was taken over by her and her cousins. Could Jessica have been playing double agent with Oscar and her cousins to get ownership of the business? I doubt that is true but its not impossible. A friend of our suggested that she could have been working with her cousins all along without Oscar knowing it.
What do you think?