What to ask her
You are looking to meet a pretty, sweet Hispanic lady to take care of you and the chores a traditional woman does. That traditional woman is not easy to find in the United States or Canada anymore. This have changed and its been decades since it was easy to meet this type of lady.
Fear no more. There are still millions of women like this but you may have to find her elsewhere. She will never change on you as this is the only way of life she has ever lived or seen. More than anything this is the way of life she prefers. She would not have it any other way. Our job is to get you two together so nice things can happen. Yes we can help you find a Latin wife and have been doing it for years for other couples. The number of ladies you can choose from is baffling. Many of them will have traits you expect and want in a spouse. With so many women finding out who is right for you can be lots of work.
Counting on Love to get you through is great when you are dreaming or fantasizing on what you wished would happen. In the real world two people must both really want to be in a relationship and learn how to adjust and sacrifice in order to get along. We are all so set in our ways that if you do not consciously choose to make a real effort you will never find someone because deep inside that's not what you want.
After you have been dating someone for a few months, ask yourself and your partner if we had a big fight over a friend say, would that break us up? Would we give up all we had for one medium sized incident? Would either of us not back down because of pride? If so, move on now because you are not going to make it. If you do not want to see that person just about every day or would not be very hurt if they had an accident then move on until you find that person you would cry for. Its worth it because the prize is priceless.

What is the longest time period you have been away from your family?
Why were you away?
Did you miss them very much? Did you return early because of this?
If you could live in any town in your country, which would you choose?
What do you think about the United States?
Do you now have or have you ever had a passport? Get a look at it if you can
What would you most be sad about if you moved to another country?
What would you most be happy about if you moved to another country?
Are there any occasions (holidays, events, etc.) that you would want to go back to your country for?
Do you fear anything in particular?
Do you have any computer skills besides social media?

Do people call you by any another name, like a nickname? What is the story behind it?
What goals do you have as far as career, family, etc.?
Have you ever been in business? Would you want to be in business one day? What type of business?
When did you last see a doctor and why?
Can you drive a car? If no do you want to learn how?
Are you the kind of person that takes risks?
Do you gamble? If yes what do you play? How often?
Do you smoke? If yes, for how long and how often?
Do you drink? If yes what do you drink and how often?
What is a big mistake you have made in your life you wish you could take back?
Do you have any opinions on race or gay people?
What are the types of things that make you angry?
Can you control your ?
How do you feel when your man does something you dislike?
Do you have a best friend? How many close friends do you have?
Name some things that scare you.
What would you wish for if you had two wishes?
Who is the most influential person you know. (Influential to you)
What kind of home would you like to have?
Do you like to read books? What kind?
What do you like to talk about?
Is there anything you cannot tolerate?
Whenever you become ill do you prefer someone to take care of you or like to be by yourself?
If I said you were getting fat would you be angry?
Do you workout regularly or plan to do it as you get older?
Are you aware of the foods you eat and try to eat healthy?
Do you consider youself materialistic?
What is your view of a pre-nuptial agreement?
Are you a romantic person?